Sunday, January 13, 2008

Odds and ends, weekend edition

  • Emil Brown, who has supporters around KC, signed a one-year deal with the Oakland A's. One may be tempted to use the "If he's good enough for Billy Beane" argument, until you understand that Beane doesn't care one bit about 2008. He's giving away his team, one piece at a time (Kotsay, you're next), to collect prospects that might be ready when the A's move to Fremont. If Brown's still part of the organization by then, we'll re-evaluate this pickup.

  • The Arkansas Naturals -- formerly the Wichita Wranglers -- want you to help name its mascot (pictured). Our vote is for Courage.

  • How's Kansas treating you, Mike Vick?

  • Malcolm Gladwell makes an obvious point -- that the public is much too reactionary when it comes to HGH, a point that has been made here before -- but maybe people will finally listen when it's Gladwell saying it.

  • Only in New York.

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