Saturday, July 7, 2007

Neifi Perez busted for amphetamines. Blogosphere rejoices

A valiant comeback attempt fell short yesterday, as the Royals stranded the tying run -- speedy Joey Gathright -- on first to end the game, this after clawing their way back from a 6-1 deficit with three runs in the 8th and another in the 9th. (Two of those "strikes" called on Billy Butler in the 8th were NOT strikes, but they were called as such, thus dashing my visions of a game-tying Butler home run.) With the win, the atrocious, tradition-bereft Tampa Bay Devil Rays ended their 11-game losing streak, blah blah blah, you can read about it elsewhere.

The buzz around the blogosphere today, however, involves this man:

A swing and a whiff. Stephen Dunn/Getty

Neifi Perez is the first player in MLB to be busted for greenies, and the blogs have been chirping about this for the last 24 hours. Rightfully so, since the man single-handedly ruined half a dozen organizations.

Raise the W Flag (Cubs): Well That Explains.....Nothing

I'm surprised they even bother to test people with a .172 batting average. That's like testing a Mormon for alcohol, or Mike Tyson for sanity. You just figure you're not gonna find any, so why bother?

Roar of the Tigers (Tigers on MVN): Neifi Perez is going to be the death of me

Wait, it gets BETTER.

“I say to my fans that I am not stupid. I know the difference between good and bad and there are things that are going to be known going forward, but my lawyer has advised me not to talk for now,” Perez told the Dominican radio program Impacto Deportivo in his homeland.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, oh man, Neifi!! thinks he has fans!

Babes Love Baseball (general): Not Too Stimulating

How awesome are the Detroit Tigers? Besides the use of uppers among unproductive utility infielders, they finish each other's sentences!

"Rules are rules. You break the rules..." Magglio Ordonez said.

"You pay," Carlos Guillen finished, followed by a high-five and nod from Mags.

Fire Joe Morgan (general): Neifi Perez's Inability to be Patient at the Plate: Explained

If this is how well he hit using greenies, just think how bad he would have been au natural.

Poor Neifi.

POSTSCRIPT: Poor Runelvys Hernandez, too, recently released from the Yankees.

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