Saturday, November 1, 2008

"The greatest World Series speech in the history of sports"

So says the blog The Fightins. Judge for yourself:


POSTSCRIPT 1: Jason Werth, who stands after Chase Utley delivered those words, was probably drunk. Via Deadspin:

Photo by Meghan Zamborsky

POSTSCRIPT 2: You won't get the full article unless you're a Baseball Prospectus subscriber, but the first few paragraphs from this article by Joe Sheehan is well worth reading:

Baseball is just fine. Rain, cold weather, long games, late games, poor TV ratings, worse umpiring... none of it matters. Nothing that makes this many people this happy is ever going to go away.


  1. Now what would happen if say a Royal said that after the WS party ......

  2. I love it. Channel 6 probably did not. Quick, someone call the FCC, we've got another scandal on our hands. I'll call it Chutleygate, because -gate names are always clever and never stupid. Right?