Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting no-hit...

I didn't see the game -- I haven't watched any baseball in nearly four weeks, and I'm less literate because of it -- but pitching a no-hitter is no small feat, almost as big an accomplishment as surviving cancer. Almost. And if you've followed this blog at all, you know my predilection for no-hitters and near-no-hitters (to say nothing of near-perfect games), so... congratulations, Jon Lester, you've given Boston the catharsis it needs to return at last to a friendly, healthier way of living. Seriously, folks, all that cussin' ain't good for ya. Also, Jon, you've joined Nolan Ryan as the only pitchers to no-hit this proud Royals franchise, and that has to be sort of awesome for you. Just don't steal any laptops.

This blog must trudge on, even in my absence. Expect guest posts from here on till September.
Trust me, my ghost writers will all be better than Coach K's replacement that one year -- 1994, was it? (see, I leave this blog for two weeks and I get too lazy to throw a few words into Google) -- whatever his name is.

I can't believe I just referenced Duke.

One more thing: the Royals would dominate the National League, especially with Joakim Soria's extended contract. Two games to .500! Come on!

POSTSCRIPT: One of the reasons I'm not blogging about the Royals from out here is because China is 13 hours ahead of Central Time, and I would hate to provide spoilers since I get the games half a day before you all...


  1. What is the weather going to be like in Kansas City in 13 hours?

  2. Alas, as I'm not in Kansas City to experience it, I can only tell you what the weathermen said in 13 hours about the weather, and you know how accurate they are...

  3. Dude, don't give ANYTHING away. I don't want you to give it away if we lead after a inning (the strange thing about the losing streak is I don't actually recall ever leading in a game at any point).

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