Friday, May 30, 2008

Going with the change-up

I'd say I'm caught up now on the react stories and blog postings following Wednesday night's debacle, not to mention the news that Tony Pena Jr.'s staying in the lineup while Billy Butler is not, Leo Nunez going to the DL and a giant asteroid heat-locked on Kansas City. This was a bit masochistic of me, but my eyes have passed over all the measured responses and the sad responses and Poz, Deadspin and Rany responses and the angry responses and incredulous responses and everything in between. And Rob Neyer. And all I'm left with is an urge to say...

Let's take a break from it all, shall we? Can we interest you in a little humor to enter the weekend?

From The Onion:

BRISTOL, CT—Gary Belsky, editor-in-chief of ESPN The Magazine, expressed satisfaction and delight with the mockup of his publication's latest issue Wednesday, flipping gleefully through the pages and staring in mesmerized awe at the multitude of "pretty, pretty pictures." "Oooooooooooooohhhhhh," said Belsky, sensuously running his fingers along a two-page-spread photograph of Royals outfielders Joey Gathright and David DeJesus leaping for a fly ball. "Soooo shiiiiiiny." Belsky went on to say that the magazine cover was "so glossy smooth," that the letters were very, very big and in all different pretty-pretty colors, and that there should be more ads.

Is there any doubt who catches it, Gathright or DeJesus?

POSTSCRIPT: Recommended read (and check out the cover if you can): Tom Verducci on the season so far.

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