Thursday, June 12, 2008

Anyone like me ever get Milton Bradley and Jose Guillen confused sometimes?

Big Donkeys beat me to this, but since I'm not getting any actual baseball games, these are the only sort of stories that pique my interest (other than Eric Hosmer and using Tomko/Yabuta instead of Ramirez/Soria )... via ESPN:

Bradley never reached [Ryan] Lefebvre, although he was within about 20 feet of him in the TV booth before being led back down to the clubhouse.

"There was no incident," Daniels said.

Upon returning to the clubhouse, Bradley screamed at teammates and broke down in tears.

"I'm tired of people bringing me down," Bradley said. "It wears on you. I love you guys, all you guys. I'm strong, but I'm not that strong. All I want to do is play baseball and make a better life for my kid than I had."

What a weird incident. Can you imagine if you were the radio announcers in that small booth listening to the footsteps (and curses) of an angry, angry man bounding up the stairs? I'm not sure what Lefebvre said, but give him credit: he didn't back off.

"We weren't tearing up Milton Bradley. I told [Washington and Daniels] this wasn't a Milton Bradley rip session, but just based on the pictures we've seen in this series of him walking to the dugout all the way to right field, dropping his bat, making gestures to the fans in right field and above the dugout and taunting them. He's the only person in baseball I know that does that type of stuff."

Some say the White Sox and Mariners reacted well to their manager's respective blow-ups. Maybe the Royals can use this somehow? Is that too much to ask from a radio announcer?

POSTSCRIPT: In my desperate attempt to get Rangers Fan to guest post, I got him to say this: "We care now! We're decent. How about how your bullpen CHOKED. That's the storyline I take from that game." You know which game.


  1. Nice that you are posting some. I enjoyed your blog a lot when you were local.

  2. Thanks... I think the Royals did, too. They were over .500 when I left!