Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We knew this was coming

A winning stretch!

It's been so noteworthy that Yahoo Sports put the Royals on its main-page sidebar, calling them the "surging" Royals. Eight wins in nine games, 10-3 versus the NL, that'll get you a little bit of attention.

But just a question for Brian Bannister, who hasn't lost since May 22 -- what's up with this quote?

“I like walks about as much as I like high gas prices.”

Gas prices should be raised, and the sooner the better. In a nonrenewable-energy dependent society, the more incentives to guzzle less, the better. If you think America's gas prices are "bad," try taking a spin around Europe. Or, for that matter, China, which just decided to raise its gas prices to discourage driving/polluting. And if you need more reasons for raising the gas price, read this Freakonomics blog entry.

So in conclusion: Royals rule. Let's keep these good times rolling.

POSTSCRIPT: Cardinals suck.

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