Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dayton Moore after the trade deadline

PRELUDE: God I'm late with this, I know... but sometimes I feel like I'm in another world out here in China. There's something called an "Olympics" coming up. Interesting concept. Apparently countries from around the world send "delegations" to a predetermined location every four years or so and compete in all sorts of wacky and fun events. Like, there's one called "pole vault" where people charge with these massive 10-foot poles and then catapult themselves over bars. It reminds me a little of... well, it reminds me of nothing. There is no comparison. Pole vaulting is the pinnacle of human innovation.

The Man speaks in this Dick Kaegel of MLB.com:

"The last four or five days, obviously, we've been in a lot of discussions and a lot of meetings and talked over a lot of different scenarios, but we were never real close to what I would call making a deal."

Fair enough. The Royals, as RR tells us, have played 31-26 baseball since the morning of May 31, so they don't need to break up this team. Oh, what's that, they just beat the Red Sox? 32-26.

"Sure, there was interest in Ron Mahay, as there was interest in all our relief pitchers -- every single one of them. But we just weren't motivated to move them -- unless somebody comes and knocks your socks off with a deal that you can't afford not to do."

Other than the blockbusters, there really weren't that many trades this deadline. Teams are holding onto their youngsters.

About Mark Grudzielanek drawing interest from the Dodgers:

"No, it's an absolute lie. I'm not going to call them rumors anymore. I'm just going to call them lies. There's so much stuff that's just laughable.


About Zack Greinke, Brian Bannister and Gil Meche:

"We made it pretty clear we're committed to those guys together. That's not to say that, from time to time, people don't inquire in casual conversation, but it's just not something we're interested in doing unless, of course, it makes perfect sense and you have to do it."

When does Greinke pitch again? Can't wait to see it. Okay, "see" it.

As for Bannister -- his ERA may be higher than last year, but tell me you don't enjoy stuff like this. Is it moral to take Bannister away from Joe Posnanski and the rest of us?

"I thought we accomplished a lot in our discussions and possibly laid the groundwork for further opportunities to improve our team."

I believe it.

Overall though: not as much happening this go-around as last year.

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