Monday, April 6, 2009

The cruelest letters

An all-around sports guy and friend of mine recently said the cruelest series of letters on Opening Day is PPD, and I couldn't agree more. Witness:

Some rainy-day reading, then:

  • Sports Illustrated's preview: Tom Verducci:

    The Reds and Rangers have been down too long in the democracy of the modern game. They are among only seven franchises that have not reached the postseason this decade. Toronto, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Baltimore and Washington/Montreal have somehow also missed the crowded party. The Yankees are guaranteed to have the most wins of the decade (they have a 37-win lead over Boston), but the Red Sox have the most world championships (two, with seven other franchises tied with one). Keep in mind, too, that in this decade alone teams have busted championship droughts of 10, 24, 28, 41, 86 and 88 years -- awakenings that must warm the hearts of Indians fans on the chilly shores of Lake Erie.

  • Joe Posnanski writing in the Kansas City Star:

    Well, this year — for the first time in a dozen years or so — I have not written the “Royals will win” column. Many people have written in and wondered about that. Have I finally lost hope? Have I allowed the naysayers to break me? Have I given up on this silly gimmick?

    No. It’s something else this year.

    I think the Royals really and truly might win the American League Central this year.

  • Joe Posnanski writing in SI.

  • The KC Star Royals preview section.

  • Royals Review: optimism and anxiety (seems like the perfect words)

  • Continuing with the optimism angle... Royals Authority

  • Even Rany... (seriously)

  • New Royals blog: Royal Report Card (I'm sure there are others I'm missing...)

  • Nods to Sully Baseball, aka Paul Sullivan of HBO Sports, who compiled this about the Royals (if you're into reminiscing), and George Blowfish.

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