Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"If I had a good curveball I wouldn't be president"

From Jeff Caple, ESPN -- Ichiro's come a long way since "two rats screwing in a wool sock," hasn't he?

"My idea, when I saw him, was to say, 'What's up?' to him,'' Ichiro said through the Mariners team interpreter. "But I got nervous. You know, he has that kind of aura about him. So I got nervous and I didn't say that to him. I was a little disappointed about that. But I realized after seeing him today that presidents wear jeans, too. So my hope is that our skipper, Don Wakamatsu, was watching that and we can wear jeans on our flights as well.''

And the NL fails yet again.

POSTSCRIPT: Taking votes now -- Obama in blue jeans: cooler than this?

Because this is pretty damn cool.

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