Thursday, December 11, 2008

J.J. Putz, on the other hand, will descend upon your soul

And save it, save it good.

Congratulations to the Mets for acquiring J.J. Putz and suddenly shoring up that bullpen we said yesterday "hardly inspires confidence." It damn sure does now.

As for the Royals, they've been active, signing LHP Horacio Ramirez, whose last stint in KC went rather well before he imploded on another team, and claiming another pitcher from the Braves, RHP Jairo Cuevas. If you're wondering, yes, that is the same Jairo Cuevas who was claimed last month off the same team, then claimed back. The arms race is escalating.

But this is all small beer when it comes to the news out of Vegas this morning: no, not C.C. Sabathia; the Royals and Kyle Farnsworth have agreed to a two-year, $9.25 million deal, pending a physical. Farnsworth is a very hard-throwing righty who'll fit perfectly into the primary setup role. The price tag sort of jumps out at you though, leaving you wondering what's left in the coffers to sign Juan Cruz or Rafael Furcal. Last we checked, Dayton Moore was asking the man upstairs for more cash. We too will pray.

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