Monday, December 8, 2008

Joe Gordon, Grudzielanek, Bill James and Zack Greinke's wife

As Winter Meetings commence...

  • "Second baseman Mark Grudzielanek, as promised, officially declined the Royals' offer of salary arbitration on Sunday night."

    As promised indeed. Nice work, Dayton (and Mark).

  • Same site: "Joe Gordon, the first member of the Baseball Hall of Fame's 2009 class, was the first manager in Royals franchise history."


  • Mrs. Zach (sic) Greinke. (Scroll down.)

    This while reports indicate Dayton Moore's asking for five players for Greinke -- three starters and two prospects, according to Jayson Stark.

    And, oh-by-the-way, there's not even any indication they want to deal David DeJesus or Mark Teahen, either. So who's the most available Royal by far? Jose Guillen.

  • Via Royals Authority, Most Valuable Network's Red Sox blog interviews Bill James:

    You've said that Bret Saberhagen is the closest you've come to seeing a pitcher achieve perfection. Which active pitcher would you say comes the closest?

    Another Royal. . .Zack Greinke. At the end of the season he had that same look that Saberhagen did in the 1980s and Catfish Hunter did in the 1970s--that he was doing effortlessly the things that everybody else struggles to do.

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