Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gauging the fans, and FanFest

Royals Review has an interesting poll on its site, "Has the mood become too negative?" What inspired it? We'll let you take a couple guesses. As of 208 votes, it was 120 yes, 88 no, which means The Royal Treatments of the world are getting the better of the Royalscentricities... barely.

The discussion thread's interesting too, highlighted by this (among other starred) comment:

cmkeller: "It’s easy to criticize, but let’s not forget that the win total has increased by 6 or so every year since GMDM took over. How much does he need to do to get cut a little slack around here? I’m not saying that I think Kyle Farnsworth is worth almost $5MM per year (I’d love to know who GMDM thought he was bidding against for his services), but I do think the Royals will do better next year than they did last year, and the doom-and-gloomers need to keep a broader perspective."

It's also inspired this 667-word post from Sweep_the_Leg.

C'mon people, in this worsening economic climate, don't you have some resumes to build? (I'm just kidding.)

And with that, we happily transition to...

Royals FanFest!!!!!

January 17-18 at the Overland Park Convention Center, "the second annual event, which will be expanded for 2009 and feature 25,000 square feet of additional space" blah blah etc. etc., read about it here.

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  1. Even with the increasing numbers of wins, this team is somehow becoming increasingly boring to watch. There just isn't enough to be excited about.