Saturday, January 10, 2009

Royals sign Willie Bloomquist

Yep, two-year deal worth approximately $3 million for the man also known as Princess Willie (pictured, via USS Mariner) and Willie Boom-Boom.

No, seriously:

On the flip side, he's disdained by a very active Mariner blogging community, which pokes fun at Bloomquist because of his lack of power and overall offensive production. Among his nicknames: "Ballgame," "The Ignitor," "Princess Willie" and "Willie Boom-Boom."

Sports on a Schtick also gives you Willie Bloomquist, Dragon Rider. This can be a great game: Willie Bloomquist, Low Rider; Willie Bloomquist, Whale Rider; Willie Bloomquist, Pony Express Rider.


I'm sorry, I really got nothing. Royals Review's got you covered though.

Play us out, Willie Alexander.

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