Friday, January 16, 2009

Some links for the day

Here we go!

  • I wonder if Joe Posnanski's "columns" on draw as many unique voters as those same columns he posts on his own website. Just a thought. Unrelated:

    I have received many emails from Royals fans and national baseball fans who are beginning to have serious questions about Royals general manager Dayton Moore. Well, I think, in many ways that matter, Dayton has done, and is doing, a terrific job. There is so much that he has done below the surface. I think the Royals organization is much stronger. I think their minor league system is getting stronger and better run. I think they are much, much more competitive in Latin America. I believe the Royals will improve their record this year for the fourth straight year.

  • Royals Authority: What is a reasonable timeframe for Dayton Moore?

  • Lee Warren on the Royals Caravan in Omaha (he's got a bunch of videos up as well).

  • Congratulations to Rickey Henderson. Now The Onion's "Controversial Hall of Fame Selections":

    Robin Yount: Although the three-time all-star had a solid 20-year career with the Brewers, he never would have made it on the first ballot if his 385 cousins weren't voters.

As a final note, this top thread on Chiefs Planet -- Rickey Henderson quotes -- has to be the most plagiarized piece of work in sports, as no one seems to know who deserves the credit for compiling the quotes in the first place. I link it to you now in honor of Rickey and because, even though it's appeared on this site before, it really is that good.

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