Friday, August 31, 2007

I don't want to jinx anything, but then again...

Maybe I do.


There. I've done my part for the Royals.

Gil Meche gets the worst run support in the American League, but this is taking it too far, isn't it?

Baker looks lonely on that end of the bench...

Live blog, start NOW.
10:08 p.m.: "No Twin has ever thrown a perfect game."

Bert Blyleven of FSN North hasn't held anything back. He and the play-by-play man Dick Bremer have said "no-hitter" and "perfect game" at least a dozen times today. You know how I feel about that.

I wonder if Baker is peeing his pants watching his offense score in the bottom of the 8th.
10:14 p.m.: Bremer: "Here we go. To the top of the 9th. With Scott Baker trying to make baseball history."
As broadcast cutting to commercial, Blyleven gets in, "I'm nervous."
John Buck, Esteban German, Tony Pena Jr.

How many of these outs will be pop-outs?

I say one strikeout followed by two pop-outs.
10:17 p.m.: 3-0 count.

Followed by a fastball down the middle.

Taking? HOME RUN COMING. I can feel it.
10:17 p.m.: All times Eastern, by the way.

Buck just walked.

I think with that pressure off his shoulders, Baker actually has a better chance of completing his no-no.
Mike Sweeney, El Capitan, is on the on-deck circle. DRAMA!

There's tumult all around me. All eyes are on the flat-screen on the wall, and work has just about completely stopped. There are a half-dozen other games, at least, going on, including Mets-Braves, but no one's paying attention.

I think the Royals could still win this game.
10:20 p.m.: The ball came off German's bat and Alex next to me said, "OH my God..." Then a more relaxed "oh my god," relieved, cause it looked like a hit...

10:21 p.m.: Terrible strike one call.

And then...
SWEENEY! Re-sign the man!
10:23 p.m.: Alex, disappointed: "Fucking Mike Sweeney."

Guy across room, strangely ecstatic: "Can I get a motherfucking yeah? Yeah!"

If you haven't guessed, I'm working with a bunch of baseball people. Their loyalties are whimsical and undecipherable, beholden to neither team nor tradition.
10:26 p.m.: Nice game, Scott Baker.

Pictures from the game will be posted this weekend.

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