Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lazy Sunday notes

DOTEL TO DL: Can't say we're all that surprised. The shoulder injury doesn't seem serious, but you never know with shoulders. Or Dotel, who has an injury rap sheet.

On the other hand, Kyle Davies is feeling well physically and mentally, and not eligible for free agency until after 2011.

DO YOU HAVE A LUCKY COIN TO FLIP? It's come down that in the Mike Moustakas negotiations: a 50-50 chance. And yes, it's because Moustakas is a Boras agent.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating: whatever you think of Scott Boras the man -- and by all means, he seems congenial and hard-working -- the idea of Scott Boras is nefarious and maddening. He's single-handedly turned the amateur draft into a second free agent market for his clients, completely upsetting the competitive balance.

From Posnanski:

There were not any bold demands from the Moustakas camp before the draft -- in fact, there have been constant public indications that Moustakas and his family want him to sign and play ball. But, everyone in baseball knows that you are playing a dangerous game any time you draft a Boras client. The last No. 2 pick to not sign was J.D. Drew in 1997. He was a Scott Boras client. Before that, the last No. 1 pick to not sign was Tim Belcher in 1983. He was a Scott Boras client, too.

Royal Blue Baseball has a video of a Dayton Moore interview on Moustakas (and Davies).

MINOR LEAGUE EDITION OF ROYALS SURVIVOR: Via The Royal Treatment, something to check out.

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