Thursday, August 9, 2007

A windy night where nothing particularly important happened

The Royals' fielders should know better than to put Odalis Perez in a situation where he has to bail them out. I'd rather watch Kyle Davies. We get our second chance this afternoon, 1 p.m., when he takes on Matt Garza in the rubber game.

POSTSCRIPT: As the reader known as K points out, Tony Pena Sr. was on the receiving end of some harsh words for his involvement in Tuesday's bench-clearing non-brawl. Blue Jays pitcher Josh Towers:
"I heard somebody chirping when I was talking to Lyle [Overbay] and I didn't think it was Alex [Rodriguez], and it was Tony Pena running his mouth," said Towers, who insisted the pitch to Rodriguez got away from him. "What is this guy running his mouth for? This dude is a quitter. He managed a team [Kansas City] and quit in the middle of the season because he couldn’t hack it. He's going to run his mouth to me? It didn't have anything to do with Alex the second time."

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