Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fire burn, and the September cauldron bubble

Cubs lose, drop into tie with Milwaukee. Cubs Nation frets.

Red Sox lose, thanks to GAGné; Yankees just 2.5 back. Red Sox Nation freaks.

Mets lose (again), Phillies close to within 1.5. Mets don't have a nation, but their little borough is getting all twitchy as well.

Royals win! Royals win! And somewhere deep in a desolate forest, a tree falls.

POSTSCRIPT: This is kind of hilarious [via BBTF].

POSTSCRIPT 2: You'll notice the split infinitive in the headline of the Chicago Tribune link -- to say nothing of the headline's lameness -- and the cliche in the very first line of the story. I've said this for years, but the Tribune sports section is one of the worst in America.

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