Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Zack Greinke Scoreless Innings Streak Watch

The FSN Southwest announcer dropped Brandon Webb's name when discussing Zack Greinke yesterday, as did Rangers Fan a few hours later. And why not? Greinke hasn't given up a run since July 24 against the Yankees and has tossed 19 straight scoreless innings. He was very good in Texas last night, and if you need proof, Royals Authority's got you covered.

23 more innings to match Webb's streak! It's not like Webb's still working on it, so Greinke's really only competing against himself. And his opponent. (Next up: the Yankees.)

1 comment:

  1. Would be great to see him make a run at it, but doubtful, seeing how they have to monitor his pitch count. To get to 23 more innings, he could need five more starts.
    Then again, maybe no one is scoring on him BECAUSE of the pitch count. Not to sound cynical, but he's not being asked to navigate a batting order a third (or fourth) time in one game, so batters aren't getting time to adjust as the game wears on.