Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Erin Andrews, why hast thou forsaken us... for David Wells???

The credit belongs to Sam Mellinger of Ball Star. He tried burying the following tidbit in his blog post today, but in a cyberworld of 400 million porn sites (that's a real stat, by the way), the presence -- nay, words... nay, idea -- of "Erin Andrews" -- as that innocent, smart, funny, photogenic, approachable girl-next-door who happens to be blond -- gains added appeal: it's acceptable, even dutiful, to ogle her, even in public, because that's our clean and healthy way of expressing male coolness. She's sweet, not like those porn stars (though god bless 'em). And her name, whenever floated on the 'Net, is like sugar water to flies.

Mellinger reporting:

I think Erin Andrews does a fine enough job, and I see what everyone else sees in her, but I gotta say I can't look at her the same or take her as seriously since I saw her exchange cheek kisses with David Wells in the Padres clubhouse last year.

Leave it to the less professionally inclined to play up such scuttlebutt. We normally wouldn't post about this, except...

  1. Ball Star is a Royals blog, so...
  2. We've always held a sinking suspicion that Andrews wasn't as, um, professionally steadfast as the likes of Jim Gray. This confirms it.
  3. We too will never look at her the same. Unless, of course, we're looking at her this way.

Oh, Erin... oh...

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