Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two* new Royals blogs, c'mon down

The Kansas City Star's jumped into the game, with junior Royals reporter Sam Mellinger (junior to the senior Bob Dutton, of course, who's one of the best) recently starting a blog called Ball Star. (Royals Review interview here.) It's about time. Whatever happened to that fan in Atlanta?

Also, Undying Royalty looks solid. The writer lives in Minnesota and says he's a "completely-blinded-by-loyalty Kansas City Royals." That can't be a bad thing. The opening post nicely summarizes why now -- after all those down years, or because/despite of them -- is a great time to be a Royals fan.

They've been added to the ever-expanding blogroll to the right. Force be with you.

* Make that three (apologies for not noticing earlier):
Royally Speaking (via Royals Review), whose author wrote in the comments section of the first post, "There are alot of good Royals blogs. No hating allowed in here." True, and so noted.


  1. It's a good time to be a Tampa Bay Rays fan too. If only the Yanks and Sox would just take a year off. I'm sure you'd say the same thing about the Tigers, White Sox, Indians and Twins.

  2. Yeah, absolutely. Joe over at his website just wrote about this, predicting the D-Rays will contend into August/Sept. Gotta agree.

    Then again... Tropicana vs. The K - any comparison at all?