Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A new Royals blog

Rony Jazayerli's been writing about the Royals for a long time -- a long, long time, as he explains in the opening paragraph in the welcome post to his new blog:

Hi. I’m Rany Jazayerli. I’ve been a fan of the Kansas City Royals for the past 27 years...

27 years! I haven't lived that long. Well. Ceding the floor to you, good sir...

POSTSCRIPT: This was a comment on that first post:
A fellow baseball fan recently told me how lucky I was to be a Royals fan.

I know what you're thinking: "What?!"

But he's absolutely right. He was reffering to the quality of writers Royals fans enjoy. It is absolutely unmatched by any other team in baseball (Jazayerli, Neyer, Posnanski, James, Dutton, Sickels, it goes on). I feel priveleged and proud to be a Royals fan.
It's true, and it's really quite amazing when one thinks about it.

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