Friday, September 26, 2008

Can this September get any more exciting?

From The Onion:

NEW YORK—Facing the Cubs in the midst of a three-game losing streak, the desperate Mets sprinted out to the field Tuesday, launched themselves high into the air above Shea Stadium, and combined their bodies to form a 400-foot tall fielding robot called Carlos Voltron.

I'll take Gilgameche as Optimus Prime any day, though.

Oh, and the Mets and Brewers, fighting for the final playoff spot and both deadlocked at 88-71, both won on walk-offs last night. BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL

POSTSCRIPT 1: Congratulations to the Dodgers for winning the NL West.

POSTSCRIPT 2: Rays' second champagne party... on hold. Because they couldn't beat the lowly Tigers.

POSTSCRIPT 3: How's this, you gloomy Brew Crew fans: a walk-off grand slam.

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