Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Down go the Yanks!

Okay, New York, time to face up to the facts: you team isn't moving away, and Derek Jeter didn't die. Baseball will still be played in your parts.

Just not this October.

Congratulations to the Red Sox, who, with their 5-4 win over soon-to-be Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee and the Indians, clinched the American League Wild Card berth. Now AL fans' eyes settle on the AL Central, where the Twins are ready to welcome in the Royals for a final four-game series that'll determine whether they or the White Sox play on. The best case scenario: both the White Sox and Twins lose the rest of their games, then the White Sox lose in a one-game playoff in Minnesota. That's how little we think of the South Siders.

Picture from the outstanding Boston Globe blog Boston Dirt Dogs:

Photo by Jim Davis

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