Thursday, September 18, 2008

A historic four-game sweep

Historic in that it hasn't been done since September 2005, and not against the Mariners since August 1989. That's going back a ways. And the Royals didn't just win: they huck, bid, pillage and burned... and ate the babies. Zack Greinke went seven innings allowing just two hits and a walk, striking out seven. Mike Aviles continued his incredible season with a three-run homer. Mark Teahen picked up three hits. Kila Ka'aihue indeed had an at-bat, taking a base on balls and later scoring. Even Mitch Maier raked out a couple singles. It was only unfortunate that Ryan Shealy's 1-for-3 night resulted in his batting average dipping to .357 Final score: 12-0. All in all, a wonderful afternoon at the K.

If the Royals had been playing like this in August, we'd all be rubbing our hands in delight and hailing Dayton Moore as the conquering hero he is. Instead, we'll have to settle for warm smiles in the comfort of soft chairs in front of the fireplace, anticipating the crackling fire that we will soon start, the first snowfall, our warmth under layers of down and our favorite scarf, the end-of-year holiday season full of lights, champagne and tall tales.

But the Royals aren't ready to take that break yet. Seven in a row, and it doesn't have to end.

POSTSCRIPT: To Brewers fans: go occupy yourself with something positive and try not to think about how your team blew a four-run lead in the 9th and then lost in the 12th to the Cubs in Wrigley while both the Phillies and Mets won. When I'm down I go to Postsecret, myself.

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