Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A note for the New York Mets

"I'll tell ya, if they don't rally, this is a moment when you sit in front of your locker and the whole season passes in front of you, and it's almost -- I don't want to equate it to death -- but it just goes by so quickly and you remember all those little moments, things that might have been."
--SNY announcer, Sept. 30, 2007

You're no longer in first place in the NL East.


Even Odalis Perez owns you. We are not fans of Odalis Perez.

Now Fernando Tatis is out for the season. Panic! Fire! Season! Going! Up! In! Choke!


(This post was conceived for no particular reason, certainly not with my Mets-fans friends in mind, Rob.)

POSTSCRIPT: With their win tonight in front of a sold-out home crowd, the Rays became the sixth team in MLB history to win 90 games after 10 consecutive losing seasons. And they're two games up on the Red Sox.

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