Thursday, June 21, 2007

Live blogging from the top of the 14th...

The title explains itself -- I'm live blogging now because has FINALLY started working again, after going out in the bottom of the 1st...

1:23 a.m. ET: The FSN Midwest color commentator tells us that the Royals have had some clutch pitching. I'll take his word for this, even though if he told me, in that dreary voice, that my couch was on fire, and I could feel the fire, I'm not sure I'd be properly motivated to move.

St. Louis is down to Tyler Johnson in the pen.

1:24 a.m.: Three times had the bases loaded. Couple times winning run on third and couldn't bring him in...

(I just resisted typing something potentially disastrously jinxing.)

1:25 a.m.: Shane Costa chops out to second, with the infield in. David DeJesus is just going to have to steal home.

1:27 a.m.: Two quick strikes on John Buck, who's not having a good game. They intentionally walked Mark Teahen for this.

Color guy redeems himself: "The crowd, for maybe the first time all year, gets behind Kip Wells..."

1:28 a.m.: Buck strikes out. Not even close. Damn.


It was the Cardinals that thrice had the bases loaded, by the way.

1:30 a.m. Tomorrow's starter, Jorge De La Rosa, is now in the game...

1:31 a.m...

Ludwick? Are you f'ing serious? F'ing Ludwick?

I'm never f'ing doing this again.



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  2. f'ing could have been used a coule more times.

    but besides that, it was great.