Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The wonder that is Tropicana Field

As mentioned in the previous post, Tampa is home to Robert Szasz, known as the "Happy Heckler," who's received his fair share of attention in the past. While I have no proof of this, he may have caused Alex Gordon and Mark Grudzielanek to get crossed up in the 8th yesterday, allowing a roof-scraping pop-up to drop and a run to score. Then again, maybe it was because Tropicana Field absolutely sucks and the pop-up actually scraped the roof, according to the KC Star's Bob Dutton. It wouldn't be the first time that thingamabob up above has swallowed up a poor baseball. Does it remind you more of...

a) The spaceship that blew up the White House in Independence Day?

b) A penny farthing?

c) What I ate last night, which is to say spoiled eggs?

d) A really, really obese man who happens to be naked?

They play baseball under that thing! Well, "baseball," not that anyone's watching. Blow up the D-Rays, send 'em to Orlando or Portland, contract them, it doesn't really matter. Mr. Szasz will just have to settle for what the rest of us do: heckling the Yankees... of Tampa.

POSTSCRIPT: There seems to be a new Royals blog in our company: Introducing Blown Save, which currently has two (long) posts spaced about three weeks apart (currently the top picture is of Willy Mo Pena eating his bat). Here's to hoping we see more out of Blown Save in the future.

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