Monday, June 18, 2007

Meche a headliner, Bannister a winner

Eight innings, one run and a much-deserved win, all to be spoiled by this headline from "Gil a fine Meche in win over Marlins." I honestly thought we -- as in the universe of creative minds -- had exhausted that one, but such are my hopes: useless.

What would the American Copy Editors Society think? I can see the horror spreading on their faces now, perhaps a real pain-in-the-ass-type sitting behind a wooden desk with a coffee mug in hand, ready to tackle the day when, Hello! Gil a fine Meche in win over Marlins!, and the coffee gets spit one way, the paper gets flung another, and general hell breaks loose. Electronic revolution my ass!

Considerately, I recommend banning bad puns from headlines, especially when it really isn't a pun, since to be a pun you have to have two meanings. What's the second meaning of "fine Meche"? Was Meche a mess? I don't get it.

Anyway, something more to the point would have worked better, like, "Meche a conquering hero in win," or "Meche snaps winless streak with masterful performance." Something to that effect.

Brian Bannister, a man with no losing streak to snap, throws six innings of four-run ball and wins his fourth straight decision, 5-4. The winning run was driven in by an Esteban German double in the 6th. Tony Pena Jr., now batting .280 with a OBP just over .300, was the one who crossed the plate.

Bannister, acquired from the New York Mets for middle-reliever Ambiorix Burgos, saw his 18-inning scoreless streak snapped in the 2nd. Eighteen innings, from a pitcher who couldn't make the spring roster. Think about that for a second and just appreciate it.

The Royals are now four for four in interleague series, winning 2 games to 1 against -- in order -- Colorado, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Florida. Judging purely by where these teams are in their division standings, they correspond to Seattle (like the Rockies, second to last in the West), Toronto, Minnesota and Tampa Bay in the AL. Florida might be better than Tampa Bay -- I wouldn't bet on it though -- and Philadelphia may have an edge on Toronto -- though Toronto fans are infinitely nicer, despite the fact that Canadians hate baby seals -- but Seattle and Minnesota are vastly superior to Colorado and St. Louis.

Actually, this probably isn't the best way for me to make my point, but... is anyone all that surprised that the Royals are 8-4 against the NL and 20-38 against the AL? (Sample size, schample size.) But you know, I'm glad the team didn't make the leap to the NL when it had a chance. Kansas City won a World Series representing the American League, damnit. What does Milwaukee have? The memory of County Stadium as home to Rachel Phelps's Indians?


  1. Just admit it, you jinxed Bannister. You and your little "Bannister has tossed 17 scoreless innings, 42 more to go to catch Herchiser" comment jinxed him lol. Anyways good blog you have here. GO ROYALS!

  2. this is my second favorite royals blog after royals review. it is hilarious often and is insightful even more.

    thanks for posting, i try and check it daily...