Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How the Phillies won Game 4

I'm really not sure. The Dodgers looked like they'd ride their bullpen to an easy victory, and I could see all the next-day newspaper storylines: small-ball prevails, Dodgers' big park works to team's advantage, home team wins yet again, etc. etc.

And then the Phillies struck: a long ball by Shane Victorino that snuck over the low right-field fence. A moonshot by Matt Stairs that soared into the night. These were off LA's two best active relievers, so there was nothing cheap about them. Just like that, the Phillies led7-5 in the 8th and were on their way to taking a three games to one lead.

A good series so far, and I hope it continues.


"Who are these guys?" one of the TBS announcers just said about the Rays. I'm just as incredulous: they're up 13-2 in the bottom of the 8th.

They've outscored Boston 22-3 in Fenway. Of course, certain other teams have had chances to clinch at Fenway without being able to do so. Yankees 2004, up 3-0, had two chances and lost both before losing the series. Indians 2007, up 3-1, went into Fenway needing to win one of two -- you remember, of course, they did not.

The White Sox did clinch at Fenway in 2005, so it's not as if it can't be done. But I'm hoping this series gets extended. Give me cowbell, or give me death!

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