Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Introducting: Royals Prospects, a new blog

The Major League Baseball season may be winding down (there's some sort of serious series coming up later today?), but fall and winter leagues around the country are just warming up. A good way to stay updated: Royals Prospects, a new blog run by a former Rangers fan who just moved to Missouri from Dallas, Texas, and who now calls himself a Royals fan through and through. (This isn't the same Rangers fan as Rangers Fan, who's appeared on this site before.)

As Internet savvy Kansas City baseball fans have known for a long while, the Royals have as devotees some of the best bloggers and baseball writers in the country -- folks like Joe Posnanski, Rany Jazayerli and Rob Neyer (if you can still call him a fan), so well known I don't even have to link them. And sites like Royals Review and Royals Authority employ, hands down, the best writers in their respective companies (Sports Blog Network and Most Valuable Network). And there are the inveterates, folks who have been writing about the Royals for years, like Lee Warren, and team-run blogs like The Royal Treatment that could, we're guessing, field one heck of a softball squad. And show me one other baseball blog written by an artist whose work appears in a New York erotic magazine.

Still, with all that, Royals Prospects fills a need: where else are we to get updates from the Arizona Fall League and Hawaii Winter League, or to learn the exploits of fan favorites and soon-to-be favorites like Rowdy Hardy? (He's not doing so well.) The Pipeline has filled that role admirably for some time, but it never hurts to get a helping hand.

Welcome to the blogroll, RP.

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