Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jerry Reinsdorf thanks the Royals

After the White Sox beat the Twins in the one-game playoff, from Yahoo:

“To beat three different teams in three days, thank God for the Kansas City Royals,” said Reinsdorf, acknowledging that there would not have been a playoff unless the fourth-place Royals had beaten the Twins twice over the weekend.

“A little thing happened this weekend; I don’t know if people noticed. The Royals, the Indians, the Tigers, they were out of it, but they all played their asses off. They could have just packed it in.

“In any other sport, when you have a team that is in position to win and the other team is going nowhere, they don’t even show up, but these guys, it’s really a great tribute to our game the way those teams played.”

You're welcome.

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