Tuesday, April 8, 2008

At last, the return home

Sadly, I won't be able to watch it live, as I'll be attending the final home opener in Shea Stadium history. There really isn't all that much grumbling about Shea getting replaced by Citi Field, which looms beyond centerfield, but as with these things, a whiff of nostalgia sets in as people recount all the memories formed in this place. I will say this though: when the K turns 44, it's not going to be referred to -- offhandedly and alternatively -- as a "dump," a "monstrosity" and "the worst stadium in baseball."

I mean, look at this:

I suppose it's only fitting that the Royals' opponent in this afternoon's game is that other New York team. You know, that morally debased one. Maybe my wearing of a Royals hat will be interpreted as a stand against evil.

POSTSCRIPT: Really, you can't go without mentioning this: the Kansas Jayhawks are national champs. National champs! These are the text messages I've received since last night:


Congrats darling

Congrats. What a win!

What's up? A KU national championship? awesome

Biscuit-ball [I'm confused about this]

Congrats buddy

...and more...

It's as if I won something!

That shot by Mario Chalmers will be replayed many, many times (sorry to K-State and Mizzou fans). Considering the context -- the team was down nine with two minutes to go -- even KU haters have to appreciate the historic significance of that moment.

I'll write more about this on another blog after I've wrapped my mind around it. But just one more thing: Did everyone notice the sticker Roy Williams was wearing? (Hint: it was the same one --
is the same one, as it's still on my shirt -- I was wearing.)

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