Saturday, April 12, 2008

Guillen's sentence commuted, and woe to the Tigers

Gil Meche hasn't done so well against the Twins this year: two losses and an 8.49 ERA.

In other news, the Tigers -- with that offense Steve Phillips said would score 1,000 runs -- nearly got no-hit in Chicago today.

By Gavin Floyd.

Now, we understand Floyd is a big, intimidating young right-hander with pretty decent stuff, and there're worse things that can happen than losing to him on his best day. But... this is Gavin Floyd, after all, who in 2007 started 10 games and finished with a 5.27 ERA, and in 2006 started 11 games with a 7.29 ERA. He'd never pitched more than seven innings in the majors before. In the minors: 134 games/129 starts, 3.69 ERA, K/BB ratio a little better than 2:1. Respectable, but barely. Yet for seven and one-third innings, he had the Tigers completely handcuffed.

Worse, because of Detroit's unreliable, overtaxed bullpen (thanks, Dontrelle), manager Jim Leyland left Justin Verlander in too long. Going into the 8th, he'd given up just one run; his final line: 7.2 IP, 4 H, 6 ER; season ERA: 6.52.

Now the Tigers are 2-9, and it would be 1-10 if not for Dontrelle Willis's hyperextended knee that forced him out of last night's game in the 1st inning. That, my friends, is a bad way to start the season.

IN OTHER OTHER NEWS, Jose Guillen's sentence has been commuted, meaning he can put that saga behind him and maybe start hitting. We think he'll come around real soon.

POSTSCRIPT: Johan Santana's home debut: not so good.

POSTSCRIPT 2: We brought you lots of season previews in which the Royals were targets of mockery, but at least the Royals aren't the Pirates. Check it.

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