Monday, April 21, 2008

Swept, and saying goodbye

Luke Hochevar should get a wedge of cheese for all the nibbling he was doing yesterday.

That's all we got. We won't be here all night. Sorry folks. Cya later.

Royals Authority has more on the game and series, so hop on over there if you'd like to read about things that get us down.

But the big news from the weekend, of course, was the DFA of Hideo "Tornado" Nomo, which likely brings his career to a close. The Warrior himself. At another time in history, in another place, warriors would have to perform ritual disembowelment on themselves for failing, but luckily nothing of the sort is required from Nomo, who, at age 39, can retire, return to Japan (or wherever) and, if he wishes, start counting his advertising Yen. A former Rookie of the Year, Sports Illustrated cover boy and tosser of the no-hitter, his stay in Kansas City was short and not all that memorable, but we wish him the best anyway.

Sam Mellinger's story here, blog reaction here.

POSTSCRIPT: Star Magazine's caption contest winners. Who can forget this famous shot of Morganna the Kissing Bandit?

(I'm as confused as you over some of these. "The breast of George Brett"? C'mon...)

POSTSCRIPT 2: A few days ago, I commented on the T-Bones' promotion involving Mike Vick and prison garb. Suffice to say, I thought it was great. A couple of KC Star columnists, however, disagreed. I was going to post my reaction in this space, but once the ball got rolling I grew angrier and angrier, and eventually realized I was just ranting, and this blog's no place for that. This one is, though.

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