Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Return home to sunshine

C.C. Sabathia and all the ugliness of his fan site takes on Gil Meche and all his (productive) anger as the Royals return home. Unlike the first home stand, the weather's supposed to be terrific this time, 73 degrees and partly cloudy around game time at 7:10 p.m. CT. Both aces have struggled this year, but only one of them threw fewer than 256 1/3 innings last season.

Also, it's New Blue Tradition T-Shirt Night. First 20,000 get this piece of awesomeness:

In other parts: Brett Tomko writes his mind, and it's, well, it doesn't have any grammatical or spelling errors.

And finally: he has his own site, but Blown Save goes to Royal Review to tell us not to worry. Remember, this year's 9-10 start is the team's second-best 19-game start since 1997.

POSTSCRIPT: Fire Joe Morgan and a couple guys named Cohn are about to engage in an all-out blog war. Hopefully.

POSTSCRIPT 2: Another feature on Brian Bannister, this time from The Seattle Times. Cerebral counter: add one.

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