Saturday, April 19, 2008

Robert Mapplethorpe and Juelz Santana (we guarantee you won't find these two names in the same title anywhere else)

Really, our previous entry was the wrong way to begin the weekend.

This is much better:

This brings us to our point of the day: Robert Mapplethorpe should never, ever appear in any sports-related context -- not even as a scathing insult from some natty sports fan -- but that's exactly how it was used in Rany's latest blog post:

It’s been two weeks since the Royals foisted their team calendar on the world, and I still can’t get over this photograph of Mark Grudzielanek (scroll down.) Who took this photo? Robert Mapplethorpe?

Not all the photos were bad, but Grudz... geez. We're flabbergasted. [HT: Sports Hernia]

On the bright side, that has to build team morale, right? A little razzing's good for chemistry, we think. Of course it is. A team that laughs together, stays together. We believe that's a relatively accurate paraphrase of Juelz Santana (listen for it):

Making-of video here. God that makes me look forward to the NBA playoffs.

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