Sunday, April 1, 2007

FanIQ's Royals preview

A very nicely done piece by the guys at FanIQ. Excerpt:

When Moore came in, he realized that the biggest problem area in the Royals organization was the severe lack of pitching talent. Immediately, he made a splash and traded for nine young power-throwing minor leaguers around the trade deadline. In the offseason, Moore made the most controversial move by signing Gil Meche, a relatively mediocre starting pitcher who immediately became the Royals "ace." Moore did not walk into an organization with a completely bare cupboard though, as star prospects Alex Gordon and Billy Butler are expected to contribute soon on the major-league level, as well as having 2006's #1 draft pick, Luke Hochevar, and other budding prospects such as Chris Lubanski, Mitch Maier, and Justin Huber.

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