Friday, April 27, 2007

Zack Greinke also wants to be a Sweeney-like hero

Zack Greinke just wanted to make a sick kid happy, too. Courtesy of tman's tip in the previous post's comment section:

So, just so we're clear: Greinke hit Torii Hunter in the face with a pitch yesterday -- then almost got charged on the mound -- NOT because of the four bottles of Dom Perignon Hunter sent the Royals last fall, which, you may have heard, caused somewhat of a stir. Completely unrelated. Greinke was just trying to be more like Mike.

Sweeney, that is, who's only the nicest guy in the world.

You know, I say that tongue-in-cheek, but there's some truth behind it. And after his epic home run Wednesday, I can only hope people unfamiliar with Sweeney now appreciate, just a little, why we in Kansas City will always embrace him (it's not just because he hit .333/.407/.523 with 29 HR and 144 RBI in 2000). I think I speak for a number of Kansas Citians when I say I hope he stays healthy, shows what he can do and then, for his sake, gets traded onto a winning team that makes a deep October run.

Matt, you've picked a great favorite player. And we're pulling for you. (I wonder if Rick Reilly will be on this story... it sounds like something he'd seize, especially as it presents him the chance to kick yet another team that's down on its luck.)

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