Monday, April 9, 2007

Toronto: Diverse, perhaps, but only kind of strong

Except their baseball team was quite strong tonight. It was fairly apparent from the get-go that the Royals would be in for a tough one. Burnett threw daggers from the onset and, when he executed about four perfect pitches to John Buck with the bases loaded in the 2nd, eventually getting him to ground into a 3-6-1 double play to end the inning, that was pretty much the ballgame.

But, really, who can blame the Royals for not playing well tonight? They're in a dirty city in a foreign country surrounded by a bunch of pissed off Maples Leaves fans. Gil Meche took one visit and decided he'd go anywhere but there. And besides, it's not like games outside the U.S. actually count in the standings or anything.

I asked an old college friend of mine (pictured) who hails from Toronto to tell me a little about her city. Here's the transcript of our online chat:

me: so tell me, exactly how crappy of a city is Toronto
Candice: uhh
excuse me?
me: no, seriously
you don't have to be modest or anything
Candice: why are you asking me this?
me: out of curiosity
Candice: you should know better
me: I want to learn more about my fair northern cousins
Candice: that's a great way to go about it
me: edify me
Candice: not worth it
me: oh come on, when have i ever let you down
Sent at 10:10 PM on Monday

And then there was a long pause. Yeah, so... pretty crappy.

POSTSCRIPT: Toronto may or may not actually be dirty. I don't know. And yes, I realize it's Leafs, not Leaves.

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  1. i like the updates.

    funny posts lately, keep up the good work, i really appreciate it.

    a little tipsy in lawrence after such a shit game tonight.

    UPDATE. HOLY HELL, i was just typing and baseball tonight gave emil brown the #5 web gem.

    how about that? i guess we are winners tonight, well.... kinda

    jeff, lawrence