Saturday, March 10, 2007

Around the Horn, spring edition

Welcome to Around the Horn, where we take a look around the blogosphere to see what others are saying about our beloved Royals.

-- The H.G. Miller Sports Blog provides a nice week-in-review post. Of particular note is Bob Dutton's explanation of player options.

-- The man our hero Dayton succeeded may have tried his best, but when you think about it, his stint as GM can only be classified as an unequivocal failure, from his draft picks to his horrific trades. This past week, Joe Posnanski and the guys over at Royals Retrospective revisit possibly the worst of the bad trades of the Allard Baird era, Jermaine Dye for Neifi Perez. And it was caused by ... Rey Sanchez?

Retro, I too hate Neifi. As do Cubs fans. And, uh, Tigers fans. And this guy.

-- The only thing I regret about the Burgos for Bannister trade is that I'll no longer be able to say "Ambiorix." In this New York Post story, Burgos calls KC a Triple-A team. (More on this from Poz.)

-- If Deadspin's Royals preview got you down, be glad you're not a Pirates fan. Mondesi's House explains.

-- Even though I often can't tell the difference between the three on my RSS, Royals Review, Royal Ingenuity and Royals Authority are fast becoming my favorite Royals blogs, in that order. The traffic race:

RI (BBTF): 13,806/day
RR (SB Nation blog): 608/day
RA (MVN): unavailable

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