Sunday, March 4, 2007

The start of an unapologetically good thing

There are three reasons for this blog:

1. I believe in this man:

I believe in his work and all he stands for (which includes his hometown of Wichita). I believe in his wisdom and his confidence to apply it. I believe in his baseball decisions: that it is good to dump ineffective pitchers for speed in the outfield and power on the corners; that Joey Gathright, his first acquisition, is, if nothing else, exciting to watch; that Gil Meche, his much-maligned signing, will be the next Chris Carpenter; that the Rockies will one day curse his name for the Ryan Shealy heist, much as the Giants curse Twins GM Terry Ryan and will for years to come; that he has yet to do wrong and therefore, on his current pace, will never do wrong; that, in short, he's baseball's version of god incarnate. I believe -- in this day and age when front office fiscal responsibility separates the good teams from the truly clueless ones -- he will save baseball in Kansas City. (I really believe in Gil Meche.)

Look at it this way: Remember all the good will that surrounded Allard Baird's promotion to the GM seat in 2000? Well, he took a bad team and made it worse. Moore, on the other hand, didn't have the benefit of a warm introductory press conference -- the Meche signing only embittered the cawing cynics -- and that only means the karma police should be coming around real soon to set things right. Because we all know a universe in the which the regal Royals share a space with the paltry Pirates just isn't normal.

2. A little of a good thing is a good thing -- note the Royals blogs off to the side panel -- but in a world flush with Time Persons of the Year, more of a good thing makes it more good. Joe Posnanski -- the finest sports columnist in the country (sorry Mitch) -- may have the market on optimism cornered, but another Royals blog can't possibly hurt. The Heartland's Team deserves all the positive attention it can get, especially in light of stuff like this and, however funny, this.

3. And finally, if we could pick the teams we root for instead of having them assigned to us by that thing called fate (or parents or geography), I just might pick the Royals. Come back periodically and you'll see why.

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