Saturday, March 31, 2007

Around the Horn, weekend preview edition, and Royals Authority's preview

Around the Royals blogosphere:

  • Clark Fosler of Royals Authority provides today's preview, a very straightforward piece with a bunch of projections and stuff that'll make you nod but not much else. Unlike, say, this message board, with its comments from numbnuts like MattG21 of Marlboro, VT. Hey Matt, we here at IDWT just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your pithy opinions about our dear Kansas City Royals, even though you're probably just another dissatisfied Frost Heaves fan who's bummed that they're kinda awesome and might define your existence. Really though, before you hurt yourself, we recommend you resume picking your nose and nibbling cheese... you know, stuff you can do without others having to acknowledge that you exist. Okay? Okay, great.
  • Royals Authority projections, continued. All leading to a guess of 72 wins. Just 72? Meh.
  • Then again, at least it wasn't 68. That's the over/under the guys at Baseball Think Factory's Royal Ingenuity have set for the number of wins KC will achieve this year. Hmm, I think I'll take the over, Alex.
  • If you're in town tomorrow, be sure to head over to the K for a "sneak preview" of the stadium. And be sure to say hi to Megan, who may or may not have a sister named Erin who I went to college with...
  • Some message board reactions to yesterday's Baseball Prospectus "Hope and Faith" story about our Royals. I hate message boards.
  • If you've ever wondered who Ryan Braun was, wonder no more: Royal Reflections explains.
  • Royals Review interviews Royals Review about the upcoming season, in which Royals Review says he predicts 62 wins and 100 losses. Christ, people, where's the faith? Someone point me to the faith!
  • Not here, but if you must see a chihuahua wearing Royals paraphernalia, give it a shot.
  • a royals fan in atlanta solicits your opinion, and, uhh, says he wants to chat with you on Google Talk. Which is kind of weird. I think he's officially in the "embarrassing as a muumuu-clad grandmother stretching on the curb in front of her high-rise apartment building" territory. (But here's a pledge: if "Joe Schulman" lasts the entire season, we'll take back everything we've said on (and off) this site, and even make it up to him with a post in his honor.)
  • Thanks to "Anonymous," who said he/she really liked this blog a few days back.

Royals Opening Day, folks, is TWO DAYS AWAY. I'll be back tomorrow for a look at the baseball season at hand.

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