Friday, March 30, 2007

Rany's faith on a faithless site

This podcast just made me really, really happy. So much so that I'm going to clock out of IDWT for the day and just sit back and listen to that on loop.

(To imply in my heading that Baseball Prospectus is to baseball as Pyrrho is to our diversiform world in all its splintered splendor, idiosyncratic yet oddly syncretic, is a bit unfair on my part. To revolutionize is no fault, even if the revolutionary agent -- numbers, statistics, in this case -- is cold and blunt with all the dour rigidity of a masked executioner. In short, I mean no disparagement to BP, for after all they are running a series of season previews titled "Hope and Faith," and they did allow Rany Jazayerli to explain, in a manner of speaking, how the Kansas City Royals can win the World Series.)

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