Friday, March 16, 2007

The corner infield of the future, Pt. 2

Jamie Squire, Getty

I'll just cut to the chase and not point out how KU and March Madness have cut into my blogging time, because when the subject is His Holiness the Savior -- part two of the Royals' two-part corner infield of the future (part one here) -- there's no room for superfluity.

Here's how good Alex Gordon is:

-- Minor League Player of the Year good.

-- MVP of gold-medal-winning USA in World University Games good.

-- Makes the crack of the bat sound like a collision of deuterium and tritium in a nuclear reaction -- even to outsiders filming from the side of a batting cage -- good.

-- After a 3-for-4 day in a 7-6 win over the Giants, now batting .429/.543/.643 (!) in 12 games/28 at-bats good.

Jeremy Troutman
-- Already has a rookie card despite not having played a Major League game good. Oh, and it sold for $7,500... that good.

-- George Brett good (Minor League comparisons):

George Brett
Category Alex Gordon
6 feet, 190Height/weight 6-1, 220
Left-rightBats/throws Left-right
318Games 130
.281Avg. .325
25HR 29
190RBI 101
9SB 22

-- Can and will, if necessary, walk on water good.
Nebraska Media Relations
-- Seriously, that aureole on his forehead may be a sign from God good. --->

-- Over... over... over... over... over... over... over... over... over... over... under... over.... To the folks at Royal Ingenuity who created this survey: Are you for real? Way to set the bar way low.

-- Impresses Baseball Prospectus kind of good: "The Royals' highest pick ever, Gordon was universally considered a better prospect than the guy taken two picks later, Ryan Zimmerman, who hit .397 with Gold Glove defense for the Nationals two months after signing. Doing the math, that means Gordon is very, very good. He signed in September and made his pro debut in the Arizona Fall League, where he hit .260/.403/.460. He's already the most disciplined hitter in the organization--no Royal has drawn 90 walks in a season since 1989."

-- And finally, just might get signed longterm by the Royals good (Lee Warren of Royal Reflections explains).

Not to put any pressure on Mr. God, of course. Then again, His Holiness the Savior feels neither pressure nor remorse (for opposing pitchers... he does for elderly ladies, house pets, and just causes). He will make Royals fans feel blessed. That's how good.

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