Thursday, March 29, 2007

Introducing: Braves Vision

I have a confession: before I was a Royals fan, I was a Braves fan. Crazy about them. I watched all their games, worshipped at the altar of Greg Maddux, drew pictures of Andruw Jones (the morning after he hit two home runs in Game 1 of the 1996 World Series, the KC Star sports page ran a photo of him, taken from the third-base side, that captured the precise moment when he unfurled the energy of his stride and connected with a ball that was, as evidenced by his uplifted eyes, disappearing deep into the night). The cause for my confused loyalty is simple: back then, my Overland Park cable company carried TBS, while the Royals Sports Television Network had yet to exist. So, Braves games it was (and a bit of the Cubs, too, before TBS passed the "SuperStation" moniker to WGN).

After the 1998 season, however, TBS got dropped from our basic cable lineup, and soon my enthusiasm for the Braves waned. The channel's back now, but with Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren gone (though Don Sutton and Joe Simpson are darn good, and while we're mentioning announcers, let's pay high commendation to our own Denny Matthews) and the growing apathy of Atlanta fans, I just don't have reason to follow them any more.

Still, I recommend this, a new blog from a friend and former colleague at Sports Illustrated (we were interns). It's called Braves Vision, and while as of today it only has one entry, I think we can reasonably expect it to be a better Atlanta blog than "a royals fan in atlanta" (what's with the lowercase? the low-res mug shot? The KC Star sponsorship???).

Royals preview link tomorrow.

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