Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fire Dayton Moore (dot-blogspot-dot-com)

The essentials: Dayton is making crucial personel [sic] decisions that have more to do with religion and faith than baseball. 'Character' and 'leadership qualities' are code-words for commitment to born-again christianity.

What the hell?

Don't "flame" the blog. Just help me make sense of it.


  1. Question: Why is it OK for a person to be openly ___________ (a Red Sox fan, a geek, Democrat/Republican, gay, global warming advocate/antagonist, etc) and try to convince others of the merits of that conviction ... but when a person of the _____________ (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu) faith does the same, it's some big crime?

    Answer: It's called "selective tolerance." I believe that's as good an explanation for that blog as any.

    Dayton has "Christian convictions" that guide his policies and practices - so what? As long as no EOE laws are violated and it doesn't affect winning (see Atlanta Braves) why would anyone care?

  2. You know, if there's one great thing about professional sports, it's that winning is everything. Perhaps not everyone in professional sports subscribes to that mantra, but it really is the bottom line, the kind that other walks of life wish they had. Religion -- and everything else, in my mind -- is irrelevant. If Dayton builds a winning organization, the only reason to object to his methods is if he acquired cheaters and criminals... but he's kind of taking the opposite approach, isn't he?

    Another thing: sports is so saturated with religious imagery and terminology -- believe, keep the faith, etc. -- that the FDM site just seems, among other things, immaterial.

    I'll keep reading it though... as far as blogs go, it's off to a good start.

  3. That guy at FDM had virtually no evidence to support his contention. And then he had no answer for why Moore traded away devout Christian Jeremy Affeldt, didn't extend the contract of ultra-devout Christian Mike Sweeney and traded for Milton "Mr. Low Character" Bradley.

    He loves his pet theory, despite the fact he has almost no evidence to support it. He claims that the Davies trade supports his theory, even though he doesn't even know of Davies is a Christian at all, much less born again. He claims that drafting Moustakas supports his theory, but again he doesn't even know if Moustakas is Christian.

    Basically he claims that whenever Moore refers to a player's "character," it is code for "born again". Of course, he has no evidence for this, but it does make for a great tin foil hat conspiracy theory.

  4. so if dayton moore is a born again, does this mean that tao is now a believer?

  5. Let's see how they do next year ;-)

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  7. we can see the end result of 10 years with dayton, take your money and get the hell out dayton!!!!