Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rooting against the Cubs is only too human

As the Cubs prepare to take the field in Arizona, we'd like to remind you that it is your civic duty to root against the North Shore Losers, not only because their fan base is flaky and among the least knowledgeable in baseball (with notable exceptions, of course), but also for the sake of plain human drama. As Jeff Caple and Eric Neel of ESPN Page 2 put it:

Losing abides. Losing lingers, painfully, yes, but constantly. Winning might bathe you in glory, but it does not define you. Someone snatches it away too quickly for that. Losing, more than something you do, is something you are. The Cubs are losers. This isn't sad. It's noble. It's brave. It's timeless.

Go Diamondbacks!

(Sorry, Kinsella.)

POSTSCRIPT: Josh Beckett just pitched a complete-game shutout and the Red Sox actually finished a postseason game in under three hours. Incredible.


  1. As a Chicago Cub fan I'd like to apologize for having a stadium that people actually want to go. Sorry that your Royals:

    1. Play near a highway and nowhere near any fun post game activities.

    2. Is located in Kansas City

    3. Has a shitty product on the field year in year out.

    Congratulations for winning 83 games in 2003. You've had one winning season in the last 14 years.