Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It begins

To stop and to begin again,
No longer to stretch and rest,
That's life you must accept.

To begin once again, but to begin well,
no longer to make mistakes,
that's life you must percept.

To go on the best way you can,
no longer to stop without reason,
That's the way you must intercept.
-- Ivanka Slavkovska

Postseason fates are decided as often by mistakes as heroics, and so, as the second season begins at the end of the first, we ask: who will make the most costly mistake of the day to cost his team victory?

Here are the games, and your choices:

Colorado at Philadelphia
3 p.m., TBS
Pitching matchup: Jeff Francis vs. Cole Hamels

Possible chokers:

a) Manny Corpas
b) Garrett Atkins
c) Pat Burrell
d) Brett Myers

Los Angeles of Anaheim at Boston
6:30 p.m., TBS
John Lackey vs. Josh Beckett

a) Francisco Rodriguez
b) Vladimir Guerrero
c) Eric Gagne
d) Manny Ramirez

Chicago at Arizona
10 p.m., TBS
Carlos Zambrano vs. Brandon Webb

a) Ryan Dempster
b) Carlos Zambrano
c) Mark Reynolds
d) Chris Young

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